Where to (re-)start…

April 16, 2015

In the months since my last post, hardly a week goes by without something in the news or everyday life that makes me think “I should post something on that;” but by the time I get to where I can sit down and do it, I have other things on my mind and it never happens.

Maybe the trick is to stop feeling I have to clear enough time and attention to do a long fully-argued post before I can write anything.

But I like spinning out long fully-argued posts.

OK, here’s a quickie. This thought underlies a lot of my thinking about politics, morality and religion topics, and almost everything I start spinning out on those topics leads back to it, so I’ll say it once here, and maybe unpack it in the near future:

The history of all human society is, above all, the history of society.



December 17, 2010

It’s been two and a half weeks since I survived National Novel Writing Month – not only survived, but prevailed! – and decided to apply the same sense of determination, and the time-management skills I learned there, to this blog of mine. Previous efforts had been sporadic; the poor thing was not in a healthy state at all. But the time was right for reviving it: I now had the ability to send links out to all my Facebook friends (one short of Dunbar’s number) and my handful of Twitter followers, giving me at least a chance at acquiring a readership. Moreover, I made up my mind to sit down and really learn to do the thing, using WordPress’ fine tutorials, and to take advantage of the “community” features WordPress has.

And a fine two and a half weeks it’s been; and I’ve only started! I’ve subscribed to a number of interesting blogs (a couple of them by people I know in RealSpace) so I can interact with them on a regular basis. I’ve gotten involved in a conversation with some Anglicans in western Canada through their blog, and invited them to visit mine, which they have. I’ve drawn a steadily growing readership, though no one day has yet equaled April 10 2007, when 30 people visited my home page (presumably because I posted something with “sex” in the title).

Next step: learn to make a blogroll! I tried it way back in ’06 when I started this, but couldn’t make it work the way it was supposed to; I think the tech has improved since then, and my ability to learn to use it certainly has, so I expect I’ll have it up in a day or two.

So thanks for reading, whoever you all are; over the Holidays I won’t be posting quite every day, but I’ll be checking in and thinking up lots of new material, so stick around!