Now this is just dumb

July 1, 2013

I’ve been planning to turn this week to my other favorite topic, religion, and specifically to some recent articles by T. M. Luhrmann, whom I’ve referred to before. But meanwhile this caught my eye in today’s news:

The supporters of Proposition 8 tried to get Justice Kennedy to order a halt to same-sex marriages in California on the grounds that last week’s decree (dismissing their appeal for lack of standing) isn’t supposed to go into effect for 25 days.

The 25 day rule is meant to allow for the off-chance of a rehearing. Which is very very rare.

So these guys who have already been ruled out of court, and have no realistic hope of winning in the end, are still struggling to put off the inevitable (which has never been shown to do them any real harm in the first place) for 25 days.

Like, all these couples who have been waiting for years for the right to marry, who have had the hope dangled in front of them and taken away more than once already, should have had the common decency to respect the feelings of the idiots who have been in their way and waited another 25 days.

All over California, America, the world, people are celebrating these marriages; even if we don’t know any of the people involved we are happy for them; and the idiots want us all to put it off for 25 days for no practical reason at all.

It is one thing to have deeply held beliefs that are alien to my own; it is one thing to have an honest opinion which happens to disagree with mine. There are a lot of conservatives I respect, and there are times when they make points that I regard as worth considering, or even valid. But this is not one of those times. This is just petty, small-minded, mean-spirited. This is just wanting to rain on someone else’s parade. A lot of religious and political conservatism in this country – by no means all of it, but a lot – just boils down to pure bile.

Another example: the recent flap over contraceptive coverage for employees of religious institutions. It was supposed to be about “freedom of conscience,” but now it turns out it isn’t enough for some people not to have to pay for procedures their faith disapproves of, they just don’t want their employees to have these procedures no matter who pays for them. As I knew all along, it isn’t their own freedom they’re concerned about, but their ability to restrict the freedom of people (specifically women) who work for them.

I do not by any means share Richard Dawkins’ disdain for all religion, but this kind of religion I want to see relegated to the ash heap of history ASAP. Let it die. Good riddance to it.


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