So it’s Mitt after all?

January 11, 2012

My friend John  has been blogging all along that Mitt Romney is the inevitable GOP nominee this year, the ongoing parade of crazies being hardly more than a sideshow. I never quite thought Mitt could manage to win with so much of the party base having such a profound dislike toward him; but thanks to the failure of any of the right-wing non-Mitts to emerge from the pack (Ron Paul, with his stance against war whether military or anti-drug, hardly counts as a classic right-winger) it seems John just may turn out to have been correct.

I still don’t think it was a foregone conclusion; if Gingrich had found a way to counter the negative ads in Iowa, or if he had sunk farther faster and left the field clear for Santorum, we could still be looking at a triumph of the hard right. But the combination of luck and megabucks at Romney’s disposal seems to have turned the trick for him.

Which means we can look forward to a whole year of Gail Collins, one of my favorite newspaper columnists, reminding us at least once a  week of the time Mitt drove to Canada with his dog on the roof of the car.

Oh well.


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