It’s well past 6 pm GMT.

May 21, 2011

All time zones outside of the Americas should be well within range of the expected Rapture.

So far I’ve seen no reports of major earthquakes, levitating or vaporized people, unattended cars or planes careening out of control, any fun stuff like that.

Alas, looks like another dud.

Surprise, surprise.

I did see a remark somewhere on the web today to the effect that, after all, only the souls would be going to heaven immediately; the righteous will know in their hearts they’ve been Rapted, but to everyone else they’ll seem to be carrying on as usual.
But this isn’t what any of the Raptomanes were saying yesterday.  It’s just the usual backpedaling you always see when a big prediction falls through.
Like when the Watchtower Society predicted the Coming of Christ for 1914, and we got World War I instead; well clearly this was only the first phase of the Coming, and things got so bad on earth precisely because the demons were being driven out of Heaven finally and so they landed here.

And to while away the time until we hear a definitive explanation from the Camping camp, here are reminders of a couple of other duds:

Yesterday’s New York Times had an article on a German-born painter and paperhanger named Robert Reidt, who became a media phenomenon by announcing that Judgment Day would occur on Feb 6, 1925.

But earlier still was the Great Disappointment of 1844, which I’m told was a big deal here in Boston. I’ve seen stories of people crowding the city on the calculated date, all dressed in white, looking to the heavens in the vain expectation of deliverance.


A friend of mine was once very much into Nostradamus. She pointed to all the verses which could be understood as referring to historical events. I challenged her to show me any instance of anyone actually interpreting the verses to describe an event unambiguously before the event happened. Because even if Nostradamus really did foresee all these things, his prophecy does no one any good if we have to wait for the thing to happen before we know what it means. Show me a consistantly reliable interpreter or method of interpretation, one that has produced interpretations of the prophecies which were subsequently borne out by events, and you’ll have something I’ll pay attention to.

This friend and I had both been fond of the TV series Twin Peaks, so I reminded her of the odd prophecy uttered by one of the characters: “Without chemicals, he points.” Well clearly this was a prediction of the first Gulf War, in which Saddam launched SCUD missiles which turned out not to be armed with chemical weapons as had been feared. But I’m sure it never occured to anyone, until it came to me during that very conversation, that this was what the prophecy so obviously referred to.


Well, less than two hours till 6 pm local time. Maybe at least in this country, at least a small handful of True Believers will manage to get themselves lifted up to the great asylum in the sky, where they can get the treatment they need…


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