Something completely trivial…

February 26, 2011

My Android is testing out a new transcription gizmo that converts voicemail into text – something I’d find quite useful, because I  really dislike having to replay long rambling messages just to make sure of one detail near the end. Of course accuracy is the key.

Yesterday I got a message which, transcribed into text, told me that a friend named Sandy was moving to a new place on South Prarie St, and could I help with some boxes and stuff? Well, I could try to guess which “Sandy” it was, though I couldn’t think of any that were really plausible; but Google Maps failed to reveal any “South Prairie” in the town in question. Finally I broke down and listened to the thing.  It began “This is Andy…” – and it turned out the street is named “Salisbury.” But the transcription got everything right except the names, so I’m actually quite impressed!


One Response to “Something completely trivial…”

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