My latest distraction

February 6, 2011

I’d meant to post some stuff here over the weekend, but as it happens DailyKos, the political blogsite I’ve been participating in rather marginally since 2006, is about to go through a major upgrade, and I’ve been spending most of my online time figuring out how the new system is supposed to work. They’ve opened the beta test version to all members so we can play around with it, push its limits, find bugs before the final switchover next week.

It’s quite exciting actually, and I may be inspired to maintain more of a presence there, actually blog there instead of just commenting as I’ve done so far. I won’t give up this site though, at least a handful of people have gotten used to finding me here – maybe I’ll just cross-post everything, have two homes and two audiences for the same stuff.

Anyway, just letting you all know the main reason why there’s nothing new here at the moment.


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