I’m back – Happy New Year!

January 3, 2011

As I indicated, I wasn’t going to be able to spend much time online during the holidays. I did manage to enjoy myself in RealSpace though, by (among other things) spending a couple of afternoons exploring the new Art of the Americas wing at the Museum of Fine Arts. Gone are the days when I could just drop into the MFA, walk around for a couple of hours and leave telling myself I’d seen what there was to be seen; now it’s more like going to the Met back in my home town of NYC… What had been isolated masterpieces – Georgia O’Keefe’s deer’s head, for instance, which used to grace one of those mini-rotunda areas on the first level as I recall – can now be seen with enough related stuff around them to give a sense of context. A whole gallery of John Singer Sargents, a whole room of Copleys, a good clump of Gilbert Stuarts… just one Edward Hopper I could see, looking rather isolated and forlorn, which come to think of it is just how you’d expect a Hopper to look… The Pre-Columbian galleries alone are worthy of detailed study. And there’s lots of other good stuff to see as well – I have to get back to “Fresh Ink: Ten Takes on Chinese Tradition” a couple of times before it closes in February. Good thing I’m a Member; I’m really going to get my money’s worth!

The Gardner, where I went for the traditional “Frank Hatch First Day Free,” was less interesting than I usually find it, with the special exhibition gallery, cafe and giftshop (also the performance stage up in the tapestry room) closed pending removal to the new annex; not only that, but some of the other rooms had things moved around or inaccessible because they were installing new lighting… But once the new building opens it’ll be great! The idea is a sound one: keep the original building more faithful than ever to Isabella’s original vision while doing more modern-museum type stuff in the new space. I am really looking forward to it; if my name were Isabella I’d go more often! (Explanation to my non-local readers: admission is free to certifiable Isabellas.) – Incidentally, Frank Hatch was the last Republican I can remember voting for in a general election,  when he ran for Governor against Ed King in ’78. (I was back in New York in ’90 or I’d have voted for Weld too.)

But back to BlogSpace. I am delighted to see that people have been reading these scribbles of mine even during the days when I wasn’t putting up anything new. My Dawkins series has been favorably received;  I intend to wrap it up in the next day or two, but the issues I’ve raised in it are important to me and I expect to continue addressing them in various ways. Beyond that, we’ll see where inspiration takes me!


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