When I became an atheist… (via Haunted Timber)

December 28, 2010

As I said, I won’t be able to do much original blogging this week, but allow me to introduce Timberwraith, a blogger whose path I crossed in Christopher Page’s “spacious place.” She attracted my attention by defending, more eloquently than I, a similar position to my own, seeking to promote mutual respect between people of good will in both theist and atheist camps. Here’s a bit of her story:

When I became an atheist... One of the larger, popular atheist blogs asked people to describe in five words or less what their experience of becoming an atheist was like.  Because I tend to be so verbose, this was no easy task.  I came up with this: It was a non-event. Of course, four words leaves out a whole lot of back-story. The defining moment for me did not occur when I let go of my belief in a god.  It occurred when I stopped believing in Christianity. When I let go o … Read More

via Haunted Timber


2 Responses to “When I became an atheist… (via Haunted Timber)”

  1. timberwraith Says:

    Aw shucks. Thanks, Allogenes.

  2. jaqueline Says:

    I have also been enriched by your input Timberwraith. I am grateful for it 🙂

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