The Curse of the Election Loser (via Of Buckley and Beatles)

December 9, 2010

I suppose I ought to say something about the recent developments in Washington: the tax cut/stimulus compromise, the failure of DADT repeal etc. I don’t have the time or energy to say much coherent at the moment so I shall simply “reblog” a post I like by someone else, blogging under the name “Gripweed”… I’ve appended a brief comment at the end.

One of the few things that can be counted upon in US politics is complete chaos in the losing party after an election. Just like clockwork the factions that make up a party take turns blaming each other for the lack of success in the previous cycle. Most of the time the party comes back together, blames their failure on ” faulty messaging,” and goes right back to doing the things that frustrated the voters in the first place. It was with this in … Read More

via Of Buckley and Beatles


One Response to “The Curse of the Election Loser (via Of Buckley and Beatles)”

  1. Drae Says:

    Thanks for the link – from both Gripweed and I.

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