Something new I can spend all my time on!

December 8, 2010

David Brooks’ op ed in yesterday’s New York Times, “Social Science Palooza,” brought to my attention Kevin Lewis’ daily roundup of the latest social science research. Egad, this is fascinating! Just looking over the last few days’ worth of entries I have found the following items of particular interest to me, and which I could easily be persuaded to sit down and read in their entirety and ignore everything else I’m supposed to be doing:

1. a paper applying the latest methods of economic analysis to the data in Domesday Book in order to evaluate productive efficiency in 11th Century England;

2. a forthcoming study of caste and trade in Indian villages, showing what I’ve always suspected, that people are better off where the local landowning caste isn’t too exalted;

3. a comparison of contractual and covenantal understandings of the U.S. Constitution –


4. “Anti-consumption in East Germany: consumer resistance to hyperconsumption,” by Pia A. Albinsson, Marco Wolf and Dennis A. Kopf, Journal of Consumer Behaviour, November/December 2010, Pages 412-425 (I like this bit at the end of the abstract: “Based on our findings, we make suggestions for marketing practice…”)

5. “The End of the Solidly Democratic South: The Impressionable-Years Hypothesis” by Danny Osborne, David O. Sears, and Nicholas A. Valentino, Political Psychology, no. doi: 10.1111/j.1467-9221.2010.00796.x
– I’ve always felt there should be an “impressionable years” hypothesis, and now I see there really is one!

I just may keep padding my blog with this stuff…


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