My Month as a Novelist – 3

December 5, 2010

Today I went to the NaNoWriMo “Thank Goodness It’s Over” party. That was fun. Mostly a young geeky crowd; practically everyone already knew one another already from meet-ups and write-ins during the month, and in many cases from previous years, though I was far from the only first-time “wrimo”… Not all were “winners,” i.e. managed to reach the 50k target during the month, but it didn’t matter; one guy did but lost it somehow and got a special prize for that…
It amazed me to think that all around the country and in many places abroad there were groups just like this, all getting together to share the joys and sufferings of the creative process in a light-hearted way.
Next year I’ll participate in some of those events during the month; this time it was all I could do to commit enough time to just do the thing, though just knowing that there was a structure out there was invaluable to me.
There was a contest, to write a story by 3:30 pm using all 30 words from a list of prompts, and then read it out to the whole group for a vote; of course it was impossible to write anything really good, but all the efforts were quite clever. I thought mine might have been competitive, if one wrimo hadn’t presented a piece in verse that really blew everyone away.
March will be Edit your Novel month; by then it should be possible to face the thing again…
By the way, it turns out that a young UU blogger in Atlanta whom I’ve subscribed to has not only done NaNoWriMo for several years, but is now one of the regional organizers (the title is ML, “Municipal Liaison”); which means that today he was MCing a party down there just like the one I was at (and coincidentally my ML, Travis, said he’s from Georgia!). Here’s his take on that side of it.


2 Responses to “My Month as a Novelist – 3”

  1. kinsi Says:

    I can’t recommend enough going to write ins, etc. during November. Folks at our TGIO party today couldn’t stop talking about how the write ins, forums, and our regional chatroom were what got them to the 50k! Was this your first year? If so, mad props for taking the leap of faith and trying it! My first year I bombed, horribly, but year 2 got involved with the community aspect and hit 60k, and haven’t looked back since! This was my 7th year. Yikes!

    • allogenes Says:

      Hey, Kinsi! Good to hear from you!
      Yup, this was my first one. A couple of times over the years I’ve read news stories about it a week or two after it started and figured it was too late to jump in; this time I remembered it in time to join at the beginning. – I couldn’t have done it when I was your age, or the age of most of the people I met yesterday. I was quite introverted then; I’ve grown much more gregarious over the years, but still there’s a part of me that didn’t want to face the wrimo community until I could really convince myself I belonged… That’s just the way I am. But now I’m in it for good!

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