Grumpy Humanism

February 21, 2010

Here is where I differentiate myself from people like the “New Atheists.”  This blogger is unhappy with the fact that the under-30 generation, while a lot less committed to religious affiliation and church attendance than my generation was at that age,  still retains a considerable number of  “supernatural” beliefs.  I, for my part, have no problem at all with what seems to be a widespread human tendency to speculate on, and take some comfort in the idea of, something beyond the observable universe; my problem with most hitherto existing religion is its the dogmatism, its authoritarianism, its looking backward to a past “revelation” instead of looking boldly forward into the unknown… Maybe there is a God; what I find highly improbable is that He revealed Himself fully to just a handful of people in the Ancient Middle East (or somewhere) and expects us all forever after to take the word of those people for it.


One Response to “Grumpy Humanism”

  1. Carty Says:

    Hi Peter. The debate can be frustrating to me because both sides tend to polarize it. “There is a God” or “There is No God” both strike me as less defendable positions than “We Don’t Yet Know Entirely What’s Going On.”
    I agree with you on dogma in conventional approaches to religion. And any religion that believes that it’s God is unique, and that only his followers get saved, is disqualified :).
    The New Atheists like Dawkins frustrate me equally though. In railing against conventional approaches to religion they swing the pendulum much too far in insisting (with no evidence) that God does not exist.
    Perhaps much of this has to do with limitations in American culture and language in identifying and exploring the right issues. One is either a bible-banger waiting for the rapture or a soulless atheist, can’t be anything in between.

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