Edge of Darkness

February 10, 2010

OK, I went and saw the Mel Gibson movie, and enjoyed it.
As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, my original motivation was to see how much it reminded me of the original BBC series from 1985. As I expected, they did “Americanize” it considerably, not only in setting but in sensibility –  the plot was considerably simplified, which it had to be to fit into a two hour movie anyway; the Gaia mysticism was left out, with Emma being more of a Silkwood character accidentally stumbling onto a workplace coverup; a lot of the dark paranoia was retained but Craven was made into the sort of  nearly-invincible action hero you’d expect to see played by Mel Gibson… Sure, even he couldn’t fight off the effects of thallium poisoning indefinitely, but he managed to take down most of the bad guys along the way.  I’d forgotten the Jedburgh character; a nice touch was that they made him a Brit, whereas in the original series he was an American… in both cases with a non-standard accent and personality. And they made one of the characters a Republican Senator from Massachusetts, apparently thinking he couldn’t be confused with a real person as there hadn’t been such a thing in decades…
Now I’m tempted to see if the original is available on DVD or something.


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