Here we go again.

January 28, 2010

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions exactly, but this time around I did make up my mind to start doing things to enrich my life in various ways. Try out new food, go to more movies and concerts. One thing I did was reinstate my long-lapsed membership in the Museum of Fine Arts. Another was to join Facebook and start looking up people I’ve known over the years and lost touch with. Well, once there I noticed the “Notes” feature with a way to import posts from an external blog, which motivated me to try one more time to restart this one.  The idea is, during my previous efforts to do something with this WordPress blog  I know that a handful of people somehow stumbled on the thing,  but I never had a sense that there was a real audience for it. Now, all my Facebook friends constitute a potential audience.  Now let’s see what  if anything happens…


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