Walking for Hunger

May 6, 2007

No Deep Thoughts today. Been Walking all morning and into the afternoon. Raised well over $700 thanks to the online registration system – all I had to do was assemble a contact list, semi-personalize a message or two and click “send” and watch the money come in.

The Walk for Hunger is such a well-known institution here in Boston that  it’s easy to raise money for. I just have to say “I’m doing the Walk” and people understand, they don’t need explanations or persuasion, they may have Walked in the past themselves, or volunteered at a checkpoint or traffic crossing, or had other friends who did the Walk. Just say the word and money comes in. The Walk is bigger than the Walkers. It has a life all its own. We may walk the Walk, but at the same time the Walk is carrying us.

The weather was fine, a bit cloudier and cooler than I would have liked but cooler is OK for Walking. I met a whole lot of friendly interesting people along the way, old-timers and first-timers, white and black and India Indian. The ice cream was waiting for us at the end (unlike my first Walk three years ago, when the truck broke down on the way and the ice cream all melted). And finally at the Heart and Sole tent I met an Episcopalian woman priest whom it turned out I already knew from several years ago.

So a great Walk, and bul kogi at the Harvard Square “Mayfair” to start putting back the calories I burned up. I admit to my feet being a bit sore, but not a big deal.

Now back to Deep Thoughts.


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