More stuff on government and property in Medieval Europe

April 5, 2007

Judith A. Green, The Aristocracy of Norman England, C’bdge ’97,

has references to a number of other interesting things, including a remarkable book by I. J. Sanders, English baronies: a study of their origin and descent, 1086-1327, Oxford, ’60, which purports to trace the descent of every attested barony in England from Domesday through the reign of Edward II, and even quite a few manors whose “baronial” status is uncertain.

And a contribution by George Garnett to the Holt Festschrift which he co-edited (Law and government in mediaeval England and Normandy : essays in honour of Sir James Holt / edited by George Garnett and John Hudson, Cbdge ’94), namely ch. 4, p. 80, “‘Ducal’ succession in early Normandy.” This in turn leads to things like Eleanor Searle’s Predatory kinship and the creation of Norman power, 840-1066, Berkeley ’88, Holt’s article “Feudal Society and the Family in Early Medieval England” in TRHS 5th Ser xxxiii ’83 209, and several articles in EHR by D.C. Douglas including “The Earliest Norman Counts,” lxi ’46 131.

Lots of stuff to digest.

Update: and add to all that Normandy before 1066, by David Bates.


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