Hooking Up

March 20, 2007

There’s been a bit of a fuss lately over an author – Washington Post reporter Laura Sessions Stepp – who claims that the current trend away from dating and towards more casual sex is harmful to young women.

She claims among other things that the experience lowers self-esteem for many though not all young women, may make them incapable of entering long-term relationships later, and in any case is slanted towards the needs and desires of young men.

Granted that a lot of suffering results from the non-matching of sexual needs, the man’s craving for episodic gratification contrasted with the woman’s stronger relationship-need which Stepp claims they are repressing or denying.

But the old solution of making men conform to the romantic relationship model didn’t work that well either; many men even if they started out with good intentions ended up behaving badly, beating their wives or walking out on them or simply freezing them out of their lives.

The more women learn that they don’t really need to have A Man In Their Life, the better off I think both sexes will be.


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