Last night

March 16, 2007

at King’s – specifically the chapel in the Parish House; the King’s Chapel House Chapel? – Branden gave his psychological profile of UUs.

It incorporated much the same material he used in his talk at GA in 2003. It was good to see again his finding that UUs compare favorably in thrill-seeking with a sample of canoers and kayakers.

The question: how do we grow? Do we try to bring in more people like us, open-minded friendly types, predominantly well-educated professionals (and nearly all white), or do we try to become a “world religion” by changing drastically into something more ordinary people will find appealing?

I found particularly interesting the way personality factors sort among UUs, fundies, liberal Christians and generic folk: we don’t share the freedom from neuroticism that both Christian types have, we’re not as outgoing as the liberal Christians but of course we way outdo everyone in openness to experience… And, the breakdown of subgroups: the Pagan and “other” UUs are way out ahead on some factors vis-a-vis the humanists and theists.

Also picked up a copy of the Voice, a dissident publication that goes on and on about how cluelessly bureaucratic 25 Beacon is but I’m not quite clear yet on what it offers as an alternative…

So far no sign of the promised snow. But the sky is gray enough…


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