Here I am again.

March 14, 2007

That was a while, wasn’t it.

I see some things have changed here at WordPress since my first attempt over half a year ago. Maybe I should spend some time investigating.

Meanwhile I’ve become a Trusted User on dKos, which has inspired me to post there even more regularly, leaving less time for other things like whatever I might be doing here.

However I just found out I could get a gmail account without being referred by an existing user; funny, they didn’t announce that we could, they just started making them available to anyone who asked. I saw a rumor posted somewhere that they might be planning a big rollout on April Fool’s Day, which is also their anniversary…

So while futzing with my new gmail I noticed they also have a “documents and spreadsheets” program that seems to work much the way zohowriter does (or did; haven’t visited them in a while either); so maybe I’ll start doing some kind of work using that.



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