If this isn’t to be about politics,

July 26, 2006

what is it to be?

The warm but not stiflingly hot early evening in the park where there’s usually a soccer of frisbee game going on among the summer students, but today only a young man with a camera taking pictures of a lovely East Asianish woman in a minimal swimsuit?

The new moon I didn’t get to go out and try to see because I didn’t think of it in time, as I was holed up reading Lonesome Dove for a book group?

(Actually half-skimming, half-reading, at about 2-3 pages a minute, as the book is over 800 pages long and I haven’t much patience for the kind of rustic detail the book abounds in – so I run my eye over it looking for passages where something really happens, or which explain something about why it happens. Like the story though.)

How about Enmerkar and the Lord of Aratta? Just checked out a new edition of it by Vanstiphout – I’d stumbled on it because a few days ago I was at a terminal inside the library stacks and wanted to have something on an alternate window to look like I was really doing library work, and that title just popped into my head – not completely out of the blue I suppose, Margaret’s Gilgamesh presentation a few weeks ago had gotten me thinking of Sumerian again, I’d already gotten hold of the Hymn to the Beer Goddess ed. Civil in the Studies Oppenheim

Oh yes, in the Coop earlier I espied a new Finkelstein/Silverman book, David and Solomon

Once at a key juncture in my life I happened to stumble on a book by one Barbara Sher, I Could Do Anything if I Only Knew What It Was. Recently I discovered a new one of hers, Refuse to Choose, dedicated to people like me (she calls us “scanners”) who have so many and such varied and changing interests that it is difficult for us to make anything of them in a conventional way…. It tells us not to feel that there’s anything wrong with us, and is full of reasonable advice on how to make the most out of being the way we happen to be. – Maybe looking through that book helped give me the whatever-it-took to start this blog, and go onto dKos as well…

(Fewer recommendations to my dKos comments lately, but one guy seemed really impressed by one offhand observation of mine…Wants me to work it up into a diary. We’ll see.)


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