A post to pass the time

June 29, 2006

Ok, it is Thursday June 29, about twenty to two in the afternoon. I have been tired all day and haven’t felt like doing any of the things I’d planned to do, but don’t want to just do nothing, so here I am scrawling a few words into this blog to keep in practice.

Have just come back from an organ recital by my friend Heinrich Christensen, Music Director of King’s Chapel. Music by Kittel, a student of Bach’s; Rinck, a student of Kittel’s; and a late-20th century composer named Madsen, presumably Danish. The Madsen piece I found especially beautiful; it was a set of variations on a theme by Praetorius.

I wish I knew enough about music to write something meaningful about it.  As it is, I just enjoy the effect it mysteriously has on my nervous system… I think Freud wrote that music made him uncomfortable because he couldn’t understand how it worked, couldn’t fit it into his theory of psychology the way he could the visual and literary arts with their explicit referentiality. Maybe I find music especially powerful for the same reason.

This concert was noisier than most; a fellow kept making noises during the Rinck piece and finally his companion escorted him out the back, apologizing profusely to Richard Benefield, the Keeper of the Organ. Richard said afterward that it looked to him like a Tourette’s problem.

OK, I’ve said something for the day, now maybe I’ll content myself with doing nothing besides resting for the morrow, when I will have to do something.


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